Atmosfer Music Records was established on the 7th of November, 2012 by the well-known guitarist, composer and teacher Mustafa Donmez.
The core business of the company is to present creative and innovative works in the field of arts and culture and to bring forth high-quality and distinctive productions.
The goal of the company is to contribute to the development of innovative and courageous music. Atmosfer Music Records values the engagement of Turkish ethnic music and culture with the world music in a rich platform for arts.

The first work of Atmosfer Music Records is Mustafa Donmez’s second solo album, Short Stories, which was released in February 2013.

The previous albums of Mustafa Donmez and Atmosfer Trio, which were released on A.K. Music Records, are as follows:

Mustafa Donmez - Gizemli Yolculuk
(Mysterious Journey) - 2009


           Atmosfer - Agaclarin Oykusu
           (Story of the Trees) - 2007